Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm home! And with Goodies Galore!

I arrived home this morning... With 60 odd kg (130lb!) of fabric. That's like a whole persons weight!
Now comes the horrific task of pre washing it all. EEKK.

I had such a great time away, and know exactly where I will be going next time, and for what! (And how much I can bring home, hehehe)

On arriving home, there was my lovely Juki F600 box just waiting to be opened. The lovely dealer who sold it to me, even threw in an invisible zipper foot for me too, how fabulous is that!
I haven't tested it out yet, only oooh'd and aww'd at it! Unpacking, and a girlfriends birthday lunch comes first. But now there is fabric strewn for miles, no one is home, the birthday lunch is over, I am about to go wind some bobbins, and get sewing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As well as getting some pictures of everything I bought while away. Hehehe


  1. Hi

    Did you buy your JukiF600 in New Zealand, and if you did where did you purchase it from? I've been looking online and I can't find it in NZ. Enjoying your sewing adventures very helpful..

  2. Hi there, yes I did. From Clive at
    When I contacted him a couple of months ago he was overseas on holiday, I'm not sure if he is back yet.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for that, I kept searching and I found him yes he's overseas but I can put an order through for the machine so it's very exciting...I can't wait.