Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tunics and thunder thighs!

I used my gorgeous aubergine merino yesterday to make Vogue 1173. It turned out just gorgeous.
I did make a few alterations, the pattern called for the armhole facing to be turned right to the inside and then twin needle/coverstitched. But I didn't like that idea, it would've meant I would've had 5 layers of merino around each armhole, quite bulky.
So instead, I didn't turn the facing to the inside at all. And edge stitched between the facing and tunic so the seam allowance would lie flat and just be like an extra band. (I need to get pictures of this!)

Otherwise, it was a very simple, quick thing to make up. Took me about 4 hours once I'd cut it out, and pinned the darts. (4 long 4 short in the front, 4 long in the back!)
I'll definitely make it again, since tunics are popular at the moment. 

But why didn't anyone tell me that while this season has been my skirt season, I have some serious thunder thighs going on. I do know they are bigger than they should be, but until this picture, I didn't quite realise just how big.
Something has to be done. And now I'm doubting my ability to wear this tunic without a pair of jeans underneath. They always say a camera adds 10lbs, so how many cameras were on me? LOL

Why do I always put my head down in photos taken from behind? lol

Now how fabulous is this FREE pattern for Laptop sleeves! I'm going to make a few up, this house has plenty of laptops that need housing!

There's also the new season patterns coming out. Here are a few I just LOVE

Vogue 8672 - I love the waistband of the two skirts in the middle!

McCalls 6149 - I tried on a waistcoat very similar to the black one, with the long lines, it was very flattering! May have to make one up.
McCalls 6173 - who would've thought after leggings being so "uncool" when I was at school, now they are the in thing that anyone can wear! I love my leggings for under skirts, but of course they are made for longer legs than someone with a 5'2 stature has! Making some to my length would be great.

Finally some patterns that I don't have to hunt around and find as they are OOP!
Now I'm off to run up and down the stairs a few times ;)


  1. Sigh...I forgot about the cute leggings with zipper when I bought patterns at the $.99 sale on Sunday. I like the black vest with the long lines. I didn't notice this one before. Thanks!

  2. PS: Thanks for the blog love. I'll be making one of those laptop sleeves :-). Very cute.