Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finding my ASSet

Every girl knows, that jeans really are made to make the most of our ASSets.
And every girl knows, how utterly hard it is to find the perfect pair.
Whether you're a size 8, or a size 28, we all want to look our best right?
So as you can clearly see, I've been working towards my perfect jean pattern, trying to find just the right one.

Mccalls 5894 - Was great, had a good shape, but wasnt "The One"
Jalie 2908 - Lovely shape to the bottom of the legs, but overall, I was disappointed.

Yesterday while browsing with my like minded best friend and "sister from another mister" I came across Burda 7738.
I thought hey why not, so bought the pattern, and made a pair today.
I fell in love with my ASSet! LOL
Burda 7738 is definitely "The One".
Next time I'll add a slight wedge to the rise, as they are low rise (so almost normal on me being short), and will add a bit more (1cm?) to the top of the front side seams, as they are snug, even with a very very very scant seam, but as its stretch denim, I do expect it to give a bit through wearing. There is NO gaposis. They hug perfectly. And look so fabulous.
The only thing I am disappointed about, is the zip. It was one I bought cheaply, bad idea! It's so sticky and stiff, hopefully some soap will loosen it up.

Now you're thinking "enough rambling, just show us the pictures" right?
Ha! No pictures until tomorrow!!!
But I couldn't hold in my excitement about finding my perfect jeans pattern!

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