Saturday, July 31, 2010

Laptop Sleeves for me!

After seeing the fabulous tutorial by Crap I've Made over at Skip To My Lou I had to have one.. Ok, two. One for my main laptop, and one for the netbook I sometimes use.

Talk about easy to make, I made both in an hour, it would've been a lot less if I hadn't fluffed around doing bits and bobs.
The result? Two awesome lappy sleeves. Next time I'll add fusible fleece to both the lining and outer layers instead of just the outer, I'd prefer a bit more padding. Neoprene would be great too, I plan to try that.

The fabric is AWESOME. It was on clearance with 30% off. It's got 1950 style prints all over it, all related to sewing/fashion. I just adore it.  It is of course fully lined, but typical me didn't get a picture of it.

I've got another 4 at least to make to cover everyones laptops. They will make fabulous Christmas gifts.
The same principal could be used to make any little pouch really, makeup case, camera pouch etc.


  1. :) these rock!!!

  2. Awesome pouches, great gift idea for keeping them safe.

  3. arent they just the best. It's such a fab tutorial. I'm thinking of finding some PUL or something along those lines to make some cool make up bags too for gifts for Xmas from the same styled pattern. Oh the options are endless really.

  4. Cool Fabric, I am going to make one of these :-)

  5. Hi! I just stumbled on your blog and looked at your site. I love your laptop totes! Nice details and very pretty.