Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photos at long last.

The pictures don't really look as though there is a lot of fabric there. But a lot of those have 4+ metres of each, theres 6+m in each of the 3 blocks of denim, a few of the fabrics for jackets are all 5m+. And most of the stretches are 2m minimum.  In total there is more than 70 metres by doing a quick count.
my scrummy aubergine 100% merino in the above picture!!!
my bargain buy of waistband interfacing. 100m if I remember rightly, cost $2.00
What you can only just see in the bottom right of this picture is the gorgeous Karen Walker fabric my sister bought for me. Awww. It's going to make a fab skirt!

My favourite buy would have to be in the picture immediately above. it's a black stretchy knit, with gold printed letters all over it. I plan on making Vogue 1173 out of it, I think it'll look so funky.
Sitting underneath that, is some thin fake leather type fabric in a chocolate brown. I'm thinking either a jacket, and at least a cool belt. To the right of those two fabrics is a thick wool blend, for next years coat. The houndstooth to the left, is for a trench coat.

It's now all put away in the cupboard, just waiting to be used. Boy I can't wait!


  1. Nice haul! I have such fabric envy right now, it's ridiculous. Happy pre-washing and ironing! And of course, planning and sewing. :D

  2. the planning and sewing is what I'm really looking forward to ;)