Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm a happy chappy!

After being up until 130 am last night hunting for a pattern, I found one I like, what a shame there's not a 24/7 sewing store open! Imagine the custom they'd get from us who run out of thread in the middle of the night while working on a project! lol

I decided on Simplicity 2311 - project runway coats
Off I went at 9am to get the pattern. I plan to make the short view B, most likely with just the wrap belt (there you go Heather, great minds must think alike!)

I've cut out a trial version, done a FBA using Debbie Cooks tutorial at Stitches and Seams. Now, it went a lot better than the last one. I figured out the bust size I was using was a 44", and my bust is a (hangs head) 50". *faints* So that was a full 6" I needed to add - basically my boobs took all the ease! lol. So it ended up being a 3" addition to each side front. It worked better than last time, so I'm happy.
However (you all knew that was coming didn't you!), I have poofy boob syndrome again! If anyone remembers in my Little Black Dress, I had the same issue, there was a lot of extra fabric pointing out around what I shall call the "apex" area - I looked a bit like madonna! Otherwise, it's almost perfect, the back seems to fit well, and it feels comfortable, I'm going to slash and spread the front just a tiny bit too, to give me more ease around my large stomach.

Those who've done the FBA, where have I gone wrong in this part?
I can easily redraw the curve, which is what I had to do with my LBD, but I'm just curious as to what step I've mucked up.

Here's a photo of the muslin I've done - I kinda like the colors actually, they are just some cheap sheets I attacked! It's not easy to take a photo like this, as you may have guessed by the strange body position and face! LOL
Also a photo of my madonna boobs as best I can.

I'm so much happier than the McCalls pattern, this one has lovely shape to it.

And a sneak peak of the fabric I'll be using.

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  1. YAY! I'm glad you found a pattern you liked better. I may have been projecting a bit, since I really want a wrap jacket myself. :)

    Can't help you with where you went wrong with the FBA. I did my very first one a couple weeks ago; it didn't work out as well as I'd planned (similar problem, I think), and I still haven't solved the Madonna-ness of it.