Thursday, March 10, 2011

Divine Inspiration.

You know how you just stumble across something, that you weren't even looking for, and fall in love?
That happened to me this morning.

I was looking at Colette Patterns blog, with her post about Elizabeth Hawes.
And then, all of a sudden, this dress caught my eye and it quite seriously took my breath away.

Diamond Horseshoe 1936

How utterly incredible is that. The front is quite plain, except for the few panels coming up to the front. Probably because the back is the main feature of the dress!
But it's the back that grabs me. The panelling, the way that fabric just drapes, it was a real wow moment.
Followed very quickly by an - "I have to make that" moment.
So whether it's going to one day be a wedding day dress, or just a "wow, look at that, I made it" dress, or a dress for when I finally drop all this weight, I don't know! I just have to make it.



  1. Wow, that is gorgeous! Oh, I want I want I want!

    You know, if you cut that off at the knee and kept the front plain, that would make a very nice day dress (or even evening dress - hello LBD).

  2. Stunning eh Heather. It's just beautiful. I really want to make it, I'm not sure how though! LOL.
    What I am going to do is start out small, and make a doll size one, cut it up and add in seaming etc.