Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's ugly!

So I fiddle and faff around making my muslin.
Muslin 1. Too tight. So I do my first ever FBA (full bust adjustment)
Muslin 2. FBA which worked, but then made it massive, even though it was for my measurements and I had big poofy boobs. They are big enough as is, I do not need to add more!

Then I have the brainwave idea, to merge the princess seam lines of my favourite jacket pattern, onto this pattern, as it fits perfectly straight out of the envelope. (The Vogue side front pattern piece in size 22, is almost a full inch bigger than the Mccall side front piece in a size 24, go figure!!!!)
I muck around, getting it all right and end result is muslin 3.
Muslin 3. UGLY!!!!! It looked hideous on, showed a few people and said it was not a nice pattern at all on me. At least they are honest.

So I'm sitting here feeling very disheartened. I need to make a coat.
Am about to browse the vogue patterns in hope I find something, as I would like to make something a bit different from last years coat.

I could change the collar to be round, and it of course will look different with being a lighter weight black fabric.
Can anyone tell I'm thinking out loud?


  1. I sympathise - I have spent most of this year in Muslin Hell trying to get a dress to fit. It seems the more I do, the worse it gets. To make matters worse I bought a RTW dress last week that fit PERFECTLY everywhere - what's going on?

    I hope you find a pattern you like soon, and look forward to seeing it!

  2. Glad to see you back! I've missed your posts. :)

    Sorry to hear that the pattern didn't work out. Hmm...I really liked the fit of your last years jacket. What about trying to alter the pattern to a wrap jacket? I'm not sure how you'd go about that, but I think this style would look really good if you could. Then change the collar like you mentioned, and it'd probably look quite different, especially in a different fabric.

    Or you know, find a wrap jacket pattern, I suppose. I think one would look great on you!