Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pant block photo

Here's a photo of the front pant block traced ready to be cut out.
It is a very satisfying photo for me, because it does look how a pant pattern should look.


  1. Having never done my own blocks, I have a question: Will you be able to transfer different styles of pants to this block? ie. wide leg, drawstring etc?

  2. Yes, this is just the block that is made to fit my measurements, so once the tweeking is done to this mock up version, I'll transfer all the new markings to my pattern, remake it and make sure it's ok. Then from there, I'll transfer it onto heavy card etc, so it is my master.
    Each time I want to make a pattern, I'll trace around it, so as to not change/alter the original properties of the master, and then do my alterations there.

    These hit my natural waist, which is too high for me, I like them at my belly button usually, but you do need them to be at the natural waist so you know you've got everything right.

    My first test out will be making a pair of wide leg pants, in a 3/4 legnth to wear with my boots.

    It's the same as with skirts, I've got the basic straight skirt block all made up on cardboard. I can trace that and change the style, cut and spread it to add "goring" or cut it apart and make different panels etc.

    If you've got a library where you are (not sure if you're a small town or large) then check them out to see if they have any drafting books, it's quite intriguing.

  3. should add, i'll be changing the height of the pants so they sit at my belly button (I'll need to mark this on my master where my belly button sits) and then you could do whatever. Thats the joys of drafting, the options are limitless.