Saturday, July 9, 2011

Success! Pattern drafting week 5

Gosh really, week 5 already, one more week to go.
So while I didn't get to class this week, the tutor emailed me the instructions, and this morning I hesitantly started drafting my pants block.
Well it took about 1.5hrs to draft the front and back, and the pattern pieces themselves look really good. Fitting of course will be another issue, but wow. It's about time I had a success moment!
They were without a doubt, the easiest thing I've drafted, bizzare eh!

I've got a couple of books coming through the librarys "interloan" system on pattern drafting, to see if they are any good, if they are, I'll buy them from Book Depository.

I feel inspired! Off to buy an old sheet now from the op shop, to make these pants, I'm out of musliny type fabric, and I don't want to use my good stuff for obvious reasons.
So exciting!

Update: It actually doesn't look too bad! There are a few wee alterations needed of course, but wow, disheartened I am not!


  1. How I wish I could look over your shoulder as you work on these items. Lucky you!!

  2. Mary, it's actually really enjoyable (ok so the bodice I am still having serious issues with. But I'm going to try redo the bodice using methods from some books here)
    It excites me no end to think that *I* created this pattern, sure using instructions, but *I* did it, from a blank piece of paper, to pants, it's a real thrill for me, a big sense of achivement. I can't wait to get to the point of actually having the fit right on everything, and changing the style to be what I want.

    I've already got my first top, skirt, and pants ideas in my head!