Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sewing Room - COMPELTED.

Well, after 6 days, a lot of sweat, tears, and copious amounts of pain killers, the room is finished. (pain killers + paint fumes = Happy Emma! lol)

I'm sure you remember the embarrassing before photo. Quite dark, and messy as, give me a couple of days and that will be the same lol.

Now, for the afters. walking in, it seems a lot bigger. Must be because there's no pattern on the walls?
The curtains are shockers, now I look at them against nice crisp walls. But apparently you can get curtains made for a good price over in Cambodia, so may look into getting my parents to send some back home with their friend next week.

And woops, no valance on the bed, that might be a later today job when it gets too hot and I need to go to a shop with aircon ;)


  1. looks awesome!!! do you sleep in there or is that a 'have sewn too much must rest' kind of bed?

  2. Looks awesome, must feel good to have it compelted? ;-)

  3. AWESOME!! Well done Emma, it looks nice and modern, bet you won't miss that delightful wallpaper :-)

  4. Lmao nah I don't sleep in there.. I have a rock hard bed that I love lol, that bed is too small, and too soft! But it's great for messing up with fabric ;o)

    So thrilled to have it done - I just keep walking in and looking at it, the room feels so much larger, taller. That print was a bitch eh Janis lol.

    Think I got a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome too from using the roller, always a maybe anyway with sewing, but think this just made it that bit worse. Will keep doing the exercises and hope it improves

  5. Looks aweeeeesome!!!!