Friday, November 12, 2010

Can't believe I have to do this.. But here we go!

Have just been informed by a family member, a certain person from my past has told them about my mothers accident.
For a few reasons, we didn't tell the family member, as we were waiting until in person when parents were back so they could tell them...
The only way I can figure they found out was through stalking my blog, as I have no communication with them whatsoever.

Yes this is a public page, anyone can see and I have to take responsibility for what is being put on here. HOWEVER, that does not give any person the right to go and speak to my family members about something like that.

So - if you are reading this, and you know damn well who you are.
Leave me alone.. Leave my family alone. And don't try to act like you still know every bit in my life.
In other words - keep ya trap SHUT.

1 comment:

  1. What a loser, hope you're happy with yourself stalker, fark off!

    As I said on FB, thinking of you. Hope your day improves, sending happy vibes and hugs your way! Go and do some sewing and come back with piccy's!