Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vogue 8815 completed

I've finally finished my top V8815, for the plus size pattern fitting and design class from Craftsy.

I am absolutely in love with it. It fits a bit better on me than on the dummy. (affectionately named "dolly")
The lace was some I bought from work several months ago, and I underlined it with a similar purpley blue.

I used several new techniques on this top!
Underlining was a first, and my darling husband bought me a bias taper maker as a surprise (gotta love that man!) so I cut and made my own bias tape using the underlining fabric. I effectively faced the armholes and neckline with the bias tape, and then stitched that to the underlining so as there is no stitches on the lace.
The hem I overlocked and then hand stitched up, I'd tried the blind hem on the machine but with the lace, and the satin, it was a no go!

The zip caued me several issues, I had to unpick it 3 times. I think I finally got it as close as I will ever get it.

 The underlining.

 The back. The zip does do up fully but I didn't do that on Dolly.

Close up of the fabric. It's so gorgeous


  1. Oh lovely! What a pretty colour. So you found the course to be helpful?

  2. The course was amazing Heather. I am doing the pant fitting one shortly, once I've had a bit of a break from sewing, did you know sewing for a living as well as for pleasure is absolutely exhausting lol.

  3. The lace is beautiful. I am taking that course too, and I have picked up a few good techniques.

  4. This top is so pretty in lace~I need to make another version as my first attempt was out of reclaimed poly.