Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Giddy with excitement.

I can now finally reveal a few things that I've been keeping from everyone.

First off - the immediate family member had their cancer and the internal organ that it was in, and lymph nodes removed yesterday. All went very well, and it looks like things may just be ok!

Now the best news of all. With this recent development, my parents have decided to sell their house, and move to a smaller one (currently in a large, 4 bed, sunroom, 2 living, sleepout and massive garden, pool etc. too big for them now)
It all started with a combined family argument over moving etc, we'd all been "looking" casually over the last year or so, and after the argument I dragged them out to an open home 3 weeks ago. Well we all fell in love with it then and there.

It's a lot smaller. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and an external HOBBY ROOM! (small garden, no lawn, good size garage still. but the hobby room is the main attraction for me!!) And only a few years old, so no maintenance needed!
See that wee room in the left of the picture? 3mx3m approx. And it's perfect for sewing.
To say that we have already mentally moved everything in there would be an understatement.

 It's currently carpeted, but when we get in there, I will be laying laminate wood flooring.
My parent's dont officially own it yet, but hopefully on the 16th it'll go unconditional. And then it'll be another 6 weeks before we are in (good timing with everything else that's going on. Will hold back the stress a bit)

It's very exciting. Everyone has so many ideas. Though the house is currently full bedroom wise here at the moment, so god knows where everyone is going to fit in the new place. It is a big change though, for my brother, myself, and all the waifes and strays who've been here over the years, this has been "home". Now matter how many times my brother and I have moved out, it's always been here to come back to, for 15 years. We've grown up here, there's been weddings, deaths, new babies. A lot of memories in those 15 years.

What a long post this is! LOL. So I'll end with a couple of photos.
Packing has started, fabric closet has started to be pcked too, ugh what a job!

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  1. Oh exciting! I hope it all goes smoothly, both the purchase, the sale, and the move! YAY SEWING ROOM!!!