Monday, August 15, 2011

I've given up on drafting for now!

I've been on this healthy weight loss program for almost a couple of months now. In that time I've lost almost 8kg(17lb) and something insane like 12cm off my hips, 14cm off my bust, 13cm off my waist. I made a mock version of pants from my block I drafted to fit myself 2 months ago, they fell straight off!
Great, but at the same time, it's tricky because I don't want to have to redraft a new block every couple of weeks when I want to make something.
So for now I'll stick with my boring old Big 4 patterns!
But today (after hitting one goal, and also being able to throw on some jeans that haven't fit me in a very long time!!!) I decided I wanted a new pair. So I've got out the Jalie pattern, and am making the low rise version, so everything is smaller, (including my rise LOL)

The cutting table was used to full effect this morning, very exciting. I love it so much, being able to cut a pair of jeans all at once without having to bend, bliss!

There's also some very big developments in my life, hopefully more of which I shall be able to share in the next 48hours or so when one thing gets confirmed.
Though another development is an immediate family member has been diagnosed with Cancer. It's been a massive few weeks trying to get my head around that, and also these other exciting things happening.

Hopefully tomorrow I shall have jean pictures, and amazing news!

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  1. I am sorry about your family member's illness. It sounds as though you are coping with both good and bad changes and challenges. Have fun-be strong...and congratulations on your continued weight loss.