Friday, September 2, 2011

I have no travel sewing kit!

It just dawned upon me - while browsing (my new addiction!) that I do not have a travel sewing kit at all. Even people I know who do not sew, have little sewing kits with needle, threads, scissors etc.

Now it means I'm going to need to of course make myself a wee pack up to have either in my car, or in my handbag, for those times when I just need to stitch a button on, or find a stray thread (though this may be slightly awkward standing in a queue and clipping a stray thread on someone in front of me. haha)

Has anyone found a really good kit to buy, I don't just want one of those cheap ones for a couple of dollars. You get what you pay for, scissors that don't cut, thread that doesn't thread, needles that are blunt etc!
Or am I going to need to start collecting bits and bobs to make my own!

Ideas welcome!
No more updates on the house front - another 2 weeks until we know for sure. Can't come soon enough. 7 weeks of waiting is a long long time! Then another 6 weeks until possession - there's a lot of packing to be done.
The fabric closet is now fully packed though.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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  1. I actually found a great little kit at the thrift store ages ago. It was fairly old (I'd say 1970's, based on what my Grandma said), but it still had everything in it - including a little plastic needle case. The needles were blunt, but I just replaced them along with the thread. The scissors aren't fantastic, but they cut thread easily. I also stuck in a few extra pins.

    I know I know, I basically replaced the entire thing - but the original kit only cost me a couple bucks, and my replacements probably less than that. It's a super handy kit to have around, especially when I'm doing a bit of hand sewing as everything I need is there in one tiny case.

    Now if only I could find it again. I tucked it away...somewhere last time I was flying, and I can't seem to find it now... :(