Sunday, April 24, 2011

Home Deco Sewing Sucks.

How's that for a positive start to a blog post!

So I got the curtains done, (but not the lining). They looked fab!!! Then came the task of doing the lining. I find that stage very similar to coat making, once I've done the main fabric, I'm sick of it, and just want them to be finished.

I haven't really been in a good headspace this week, and so my darling mother picked up her needle and threat and tacked the lining on. It was originally going to be a detachable lining, but with my tracks, and location of the hooks etc, it would've been too full, and looked rather messy.

So I have 3 up, and they are lovely. The pleats need to set in a bit, I think I'll get them steam pressed properly. But for now, here's a picture. I was very surprised how well the gold print matches with my wall color.  And I'm loving the blackout lining.


  1. Oh, they look lovely! I love the fabric you chose. I gave my Mom an IOU for making curtains for her wall of windows (and frankly, any window she wants covered), and I'm not looking forward to it. Can sewing get any more boring, with all straight seams. It's basically an entire project made up of hemming edges, and I hate hemming. lol!

    Ah well, the results are worth it, since it's something you literally see everyday!

  2. Oh you're so right. It's BORING. I hated it. All those hems, and it was just so boring. With garment sewing it's curves, and shaping, that's half the fun, even if sometimes it can be a mission. These are just borrrrrrrrrrrrringggggggggggggg! LOL

    My mother asked me to make curtains for another few rooms. "Thanks but I'll be right. next time we will buy the fabric and get them made when they have free making" LOL

  3. The curtains look great! I think it is funny that you don't like home dec sewing...I love it! The items come together so quickly, you can redecorate a room in a day! (And no fitting!!)