Thursday, April 14, 2011

The cutest sewing machine - period!

 I came across this earlier on Trademe. Has to be, without a doubt, the cutest sewing machine I've ever seen. It's so teeny tiny!

Today has been a day of sewing. 
  • A day of breaking 5 needles on one project - no, I wasn't sewing over pins.
  • A day of hemming about 4 metres of fabric
  • A day of 6mm seam allowances. Why Kwik Sew has 6mm SAs I'll never know. I couldn't even overlock them, my narrowest overlock stitch was too wide. 
Photos to come tomorrow. When my fingers have recovered from the nightmare of pinning tough fabric.


  1. Holy man, that is an epic day of sewing. Can't wait to see what you're making! I hope it was worth the frustration/painful fingers.

    That sewing machine is adorable. :)

  2. Unfortunately it wasn't worth the effort! LOL.
    I seem to be a bit insane, today I decided hey lets make curtains. So bought the fabric on special for really cheap.
    What on earth was I thinking

  3. My Nana had a couple of these, or something similar. I completely forgot about them until I clicked your link. I remember it had a hand turned crank and we "sewed" paper with it when we were little. I'm going to ask her if she still has one! :)