Friday, February 25, 2011

Is anyone out there?

Hi all, haven't been around for a long time.
A lot has been going on, and I haven't even managed to get near my sewing machine lately!
But it's starting to get a bit chilly here in NZ now, the mornings are getting a bit cooler, so I thought it'd be the perfect time to get started on an Autumn coat! And I have almost the entire week next week free, so why not.

I'll be using pattern Mccalls 5525 and have got a black fabric with houndstooth design woven into the fabric.

Yet to decide which style from 5525 I will be using though! I'm gravitating towards E, without all the extra crap like pocket flaps etc!
The fabric is out on the line drying now, and hopefully my headache vanishes overnight so I can get cracking tomorrow.

I just want to say as well, to any of my Christchurch followers (of which I think there was a few), I hope you and your families are all ok. We are all thinking of you.
I'm sure most of you other followers are aware of the horrible tragedy that has struck Christchurch (and in a lot of ways, the whole of New Zealand) this week. It's been very hard for everyone, even those not in Christchurch. Was a distressing time watch a boy, who had obviously passed away, be pulled from the rubble in the minutes immediately following the quake, he looked identical to my brother, and it's an image I won't be able to remove from my head for a long time.

So my Christchurch pals, we ARE thinking of you, we ARE with you all the way. And I have to come down possibly next week, so if you do need anything, don't hesitate to ask.


  1. Yes, the earthquake has been just awful to hear about and to see on TV. It's very close to home for us Aussies and we feel devastated for the people in Christchurch.
    I like the pattern you've chosen and it should look great in the fabric you mentioned. Is it a black and white fabric though? I'm wondering if the fabric is very busy whether a simpler version (without all the extra pockets etc) may look less busy.

  2. Snuzal! I've missed your posts ;-)
    Can't wait to see your autumn coat, hurry up and get sewing!
    We are all thinking of Christchurch and everybody down there, so very heart breaking and close to home. Thank goodness my close friend is safe and well, but many others aren't. I have so much admiration for all the rescuers and volunteers, what they are doing is an amazing job!
    Anyway, must keep moving, off to pick up our nephew from school and have a chin wag with Fishing!
    Look after yourself xx

  3. Emma,

    Glad to hear that you are OK! I was wondering about you; I'm sure the folks on embroidables are too!

    I love the pattern you selected! I'm sure it will look smashing in the black
    Houndstooth! What have you selected for the lining? I'm sure it will be just as lovely as all your linings are!


  4. The fabric is just plain black, so not the typical black and white houndstooth that you see, that's why I'm thinking it'll make such a great coat. I think some of the seams are topstitched, so I may do that in a contrasting color to give it that bit of pop.

    Stef, what's fishing like? Come on, be honest, I'm sure she doesn't read here LOL.

    Kathy, the lining I'm a tad undecided on. I did get this pink synthetic fabric from an opshop last year, was $4 and there's about 4 metres of it, it's HOT pink and rather cool, I always like my linings to be a bit different (as you have probably all guessed now lol) so I might just use that.

    I was trying to remember at 3am how I got my good fit with my last coats, and then remembered I made a muslin up first, so I'll be off out early this morning to get a plain sheet to cut up and do a trial version.