Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Loot from overseas!

Crikey what a couple of days. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
My sister rang me on the 23rd in the morning to say she was getting a divorce, and wouldn't be coming down for Christmas. *sigh* I spent the whole day worrying, as you can imagine. She rang a couple of times to see what time mum was getting in, I thought she was going to go meet them at the International airport before they got the domestic down home.
You can only imagine my surprise when I pull into the airport carpark, and walk up to the terminal to see my sister, nephew and her husband all standing there waiting for me! I screamed! The divorce was a ruse to put me off the scent. I was pretty angry, but just so speechless they'd arrived.
So we went inside and waited for the famdamily to arrive, who were just thrilled to bits and so excited to see her there as well.

Meant there was a lovely family christmas, and we got to share my nephews first Christmas.

Now, the 150kg of luggage later, here's the sewing goodies, thread and buttons etc only. The fabric is nothing exciting, 10m of interfacing etc.
But the accessories!

One bag of jean rivets

Zips, rivets, invisible zips, jean buttons, domes

D&G Buttons! Most probably fake, but who knows! lol
She said there were packs of thousands, and she only got a few!

Dior Jean Buttons

 Levi's Zips

 A few of the thread cones. I don't imagine running out anytime soon.
More keep appearing from suitcases as they are unpacked.


  1. Oh my god!!! That's an amazing haul of wonderful stuff. You'll be set for jeans making for the next century!

  2. What a haul. I was bummed by the divorce and I don't even know your sister. Glad it was just a joke.

  3. Incredible haul eh! Those jean zips were only 10c each! The thread cones were only 50c each! Fantastic eh!

  4. Holy man, nice haul of sewing gifts! My family was mostly reluctant to tease me with sewing related gifts since I'm trying to resist sewing while I write my thesis. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your coming projects!

  5. That is a fantastic stash of notions. More than makes up for the dirty trick they placed on you.