Friday, December 10, 2010

Hi all.. christmas is creeping in

Only 15 days until Christmas would you believe! 13 days until my parents are scheduled to come home, but my mother isn't doing too well with her arm so may be home early.

I've been on a go slow with sewing, but I did manage to get a pair of jeans made the other day, well 3/4s. Same as my other pair, just different colored topstitching and pocket design. I love that pattern.

This weekend is going to be my weekend to make a dress for Christmas day, so look out for that post next week.


  1. Please don't tell me that! I don't have the Christmas tree up yet, thank goodness the kids are too young to realise how close Christmas actually is lol! I figure less questions will be fired at me if the tree isn't up until the last minute!

    I finished making some dummy clips last night, onto aprons today, hoping to get to the markets on Sunday!

    Can't wait to see your dress, and where's the photos of your 3/4's?!!

  2. Lol not as long for kids to wait for santa too if the tree isnt up til closer to the time. I dont get those who put it up in november, the excitement of the tree etc will be over by the time Christmas arrives.

    Dress pic has been posted, and not doing photo of 3/4s, they are identical bar the topstitching color to my others lol.

    Will be checking your blog for the dummy clips ;o)