Saturday, December 11, 2010

Can't wait 'til Christmas..

2 weeks today until that big fat fella comes down our chimneys and leaves us all presents..I love Christmas, it really doesn't feel like it though, normally I'm so in the spirit! Maybe when I pick up the tree next weekend it'll make it feel a bit more Christmas like.
Not even the smell of Christmas lilies are giving me that feel.

So yesterday and today I whipped up my christmas day dress.
It'll be perfect for summer, and hopefully it'll be nice weather on Xmas day..
Really made the pattern up myself, took a basic style, and added in the neckline pleats. The back has an exposed zip, with shiny silver plastic teeth and also has pleats on the back neckline too..

I nipped it in a bit more at the waist to give it a bit more shape, but I'm happy with it, it's so comfy, and it looks awesome with a belt too!

I hadn't done my hair in this pic, I got sewing and didn't want to stop!


  1. I like it. I'll need to see another picture with hair, makeup and shoes!

  2. Nice dress! I'm with knitmachinequeen - I'd love to see you in this one after being all dolled up.

    Also, would love to see the back with the exposed zipper.

  3. Lol! Yes hair makeup and shoes is a biggie. Yesterday I was just too caught up in sewing to bother!

    My laptop cable has just died, so it looks like until I get a new one, or figure out what's happened with this one, I may be away for a bit!

  4. Beautiful dress. I love the ruffles.

    -samya :-)

  5. Well aren't you a clever gurl!! Well done, looks great on ya!! I'd like to see the back zipper too :)