Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top, skirt, and a blog post, all in one week!

A top and a skirt, all in one week, I am on a roll. Of course as promised, here are pics of the skirt on. And a pic of the free Hot Patterns cowl neck top available from Fabric.com for zilch! 
I changed the top a bit, added sleeves that I left "slashed". And it isn't as cowly as I had hoped, more boat neck than anything. But maybe if I'd gone to the next size up(used size 22) then I would've had more cowl.

It'll be my outfit to wear to my first day of work at the fabric store on Saturday! Can't wait!
And check out the gorgeous spring weather. So much for the forecast rain!

 Woops, bra slipping off my shoulder in this picture, giving me a  very peculiar effect.
*note to self. do not wear this bra with this top*

1 comment:

  1. Ooo, I like both pieces! The skirt looks so interesting and textured, and while the top is simple and lets the skirt shine, it's not boring either. The slashed sleeves look really cool. :)