Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Prettied up book cover.

Here in NZ, when your child is born, you get a "Well Child" book. It records all information from birth, every midwife, dr, nurse you see fills it out. We also have "Well Child" checks, every couple of months, a provider comes around, weighs, measures, and checks things out, so they fill these out too.
It records all immunisations etc, as well. So it's a book that gets well used over the first 5 years, and *I* have to somehow keep track of where it is at all times?! With my mummy brain? Pffttt

I saw someone makes them, but charges a good price for them (and rightly so, it's her business, and these things take time!) but I knew I could make one for a fraction of that price.

This is the book before hand. It's made from a medium card stock, so not very sturdy.

 I ended up making 2 as I had a lot of fabric left over, so the above one is a gift for a friend who had her wee girl 8 days before I had Addison. 

This is the inside of mine -  
excuse it not being rotated, you can just turn your head ;)

Addison is doing wonderfully, she's 11 weeks old tomorrow! Smiling like a trooper, with a mammoth cheeky attitude, and sleeping anywhere between 8-10hrs a night (generally around 9.5hrs)
I love her so much and I am so lucky.