Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fun with shopping and sewing!

The bank account has been hit hard lately (well not too hard, I'm good at finding bargains!)

The first is Crinkle plastic for toys.
Proper child safety approved plastic, designed to go inside toys etc! It was a great price at only $1.25USD for a 9x9" square. Perfect to put in a few toys.

The second, which I'm waiting for a 'combo' listing to be put up so I can get a few things from the one listing, is Baby Safe flexible mirror sheets. At approx $4.20USD for an A4 sheet, it isn't hugely expensive by any means. I figure half of the sheet can be a mirror for when baby is rear facing in the car.
Something like this Baby Safe Mirror. And the rest will be put onto a playmat, or hanging toys from a playmat.

The third is from the same seller as the mirror sheets, Silicone teething pieces. She has a fantastic selection of colors, and shapes, that you can attach to toys, play mats etc! And at $4.60USD for 10 pieces, is an absolute STEAL!

Then shop-a-holic me decided that I needed some cute, gender neutral fabric to make a playmat with, I figured charm squares will be the best bet, and found this gorgeous Riley Blake range - Life in the Jungle
I NEEDED it then and there, of course, so I can make this. Thoughts and Thimbles Activity Gym tutorial

Of course, there's those great plastic snaps featured on the play mat tutorial, so I needed some of them too!
Cue me shopping at Green Beans NZ where I got 100 sets of plastic snaps, some snap press pliers, all for $20NZD! I'll be snapping things left right and centre

As you can see, I am going to be busy, and the bank account is going to get lower and lower, as the arrival of Squatch gets closer and closer.
Today I got to hear squatch's heartbeat for the first time, very cool!

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