Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One week today - so excited!

I'm so very excited. This time next week I'll just be arriving home from my first pattern drafting course. I have everything I need!
Hopefully I find it really enjoyable and get a lot of knowledge out of it so I can really make sewing my own.

On a good note, our only pattern/sewing store finally sells Vogue patterns, I did a wee scream of glee! And then was disappointed when I found out they are not sourcing Butterick or McCalls. I really thought that having Vogue would mean all BMV! 

Bought Burda 3-11 the other day too, some great plus sized tee and long sleeved basic top, which I love for layering in winter, that will be my project over the next weekend. It's getting really chilly here, we had our first frost of the year, beautiful, but brrr!
This issue has wedding dresses in it. Well, I am shocked, they are hideous. 
You can see the line drawings of them on this page.

I'm slowly getting over the Glandular Fever (mono), every so often I start to feel a bit worn out and need to rest. Today I thought I'd lie down for a wee bit, and woke 3hours later, woops! 

A bit of a boring post, I wish I had some cool photo or something to add to this. But bring on next week when I start the course, there'll be photos of something I'm sure!

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  1. Oh wow, those dresses (or at least, the line art) do look pretty fugly. lol

    Good luck at your class!